Community Partnerships

“In 2014, Hope Springs served 19 riders living in Phoenixville area.  3 riders were the primary beneficiaries of the grant from the Detwiler Family Foundation, receiving a total of 81 therapeutic riding lessons on partial scholarship.” – Hope Springs Equestrian Therapy, Inc.

“Thank you so much for your 2012 grant award to Outgrowing Hunger’s Harrison Park K-8 Garden Project.  This investment in the lives and communities of some of the highest-needs families in Portland Public Schools was leveraged over 300% including investments received from 3 other organizations in 2014.” – Outgrowing Hunger

“This summer, we at Bichop McDevitt High School were pleased to host a 2 week academic and spiritual growth program with 75 students of the Independence Mission Schools.” – Bishop McDevitt High School via Independence Mission Schools

“Thanks to this generous grant, 4 children from low income Philadelphia families will receive financial access to a quality K-8th grade education as part of our larger Campaign for 10,000 Children” – Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia